After Hours Bites Menu Launch


The After hours bites Menu launch on the 18th March was a taste of what else The Racing Cafe has to offer in the way of catering. The menu is tailored for various occasions all canape style foods offering a variety of cold, hot, sweet and even shared boards.  

Tonight was special for us being able to showcase this menu that we love to everyone that has supported us over the past few years. It was so much fun seeing everyone's reactions to the different treats coming out of our kitchen.  

We were overwhelmed by the support offered from everyone who attended. The cafe was a buzz with everybody enjoying great company and the delicious samples on offer.  

At The Racing Cafe we get a real kick out of working with people to create the perfect menu to cater for an event or special occasion. We love being able to contribute to people's enjoyment and hope that guests walk away delighted with the food on offer.

We look forward to sharing this new menu with you all and hope you all love it as much as we do.